Effective Mold Remediation on Long Island

Finding Effective Mold Remediation on Long Island

It was as early as 1930 when Mold was first identified as the cause for mysterious death of farm animals. Later humans were also reported to have been died because of eating Mold infected rotten food grains. Apart from death, there are various health problems associated with Mold. People having allergies and asthma, isotopic (sensitive) people are exposed to Mold. Throat irritation, cough and respiratory problems are some of the basic symptoms that patients having Mold exposure experience.


The types of places exposed to Mold are apartments, small air tight houses and low quality building material, buildings having less drying potential. If you have excess moisture in your home, have a plumbing leak or your health is suffering for any of the above symptoms; you need to be careful. These conditions refer that one has Mold exposure in his house. Mold needs to be removed immediately as it is dangerous both for your health and your belongings as it effect structures.

Having your home affected with Mold is a common problem in Long Island. It is recommended to get help from a professional as he has good know how of solving the problem completely. You must be thinking what to do when you find your home to be infected with mold. Mold assessment and mold remediation are the techniques used for removal. Mold assessment refers to identifying the source and extent of mold hazard in structure. If mold is not present, then you are doing well. But if mold is found during an assessment then proper remediation is required for its cleaning. Mold remediation is the process of removal of mold from a place or cleaning indoor environment to get complete rid of mold.


  1. Discover the source behind
  2. Have a thorough cleaning
  3. Remove or reduce the spread
  4. Keep everyone healthy

Professional mold removal services first inspect your whole house. They see for if is present or not and if they find mold, they look for the source. Cleaning your home is always good solution but it will never be long lasting until and unless the source is removed. Professionals charge only $300-$500 in Long Island for inspecting your house. An industrial Hygienist tests for mold and after that, he will explain you what is the problem and where it is coming from. A professional also guides you what steps you should take to get rid of Mold and what level it is. If it is a new mold then removing is quite easy and vice versa.

Looking through internet for tricks and cleaning home yourself seems easy but it is not the solution. A professional knows pretty well how to clean whole house. He knows from where does it spreads and what are the steps for complete removal of Mold. Mold is in the air and it is never possible to remove it 100%, but a professional might help you to have a long lasting solution

Remove or reduce the Spread using Mold Remediation

When you clean your house yourself, spores inevitably get into the air and spread in whole house. So instead of cleaning your house, you actually contribute to spread it. Even if all the spores are killed, they are still dangerous if left behind uncleaned. That is a difficult situation, because at time you decide to get help from a professional; spores spread throughout the house.

Professionals are well aware about this and they had special techniques and equipment available for reducing the spread. They will also let you know if further cleaning as thorough duct cleaning is necessary, or what you done is enough.

Keep everyone Healthy from Black Mold

Mold removal helps to reduce health concerns in your house. When you clean your house yourself, you actually expose you and your family to toxins. Professionals have all of the necessary equipment and they are well aware of the care needed to have a safe cleaning. By having your home cleaned by professionals, you save your home and your belongings as mold can damage equipmentā€™s and even destroy structures.

Mold remediation is not an expensive process if it is in initial stages. Professionals take up to $4000 depending upon size of home. The cost is somewhere around $2000. If there are hvac ducts affected or it the mold is inside the walls then it can cost up to $6000 or more to have a thorough removal. Mold remediation is an expensive process when it is not dealt with in the early stages. In larger structures, mold removal can cost upwards of $30,000.

This is the basic reason you should order an mold inspection in Long Island today is because prevention is better than cure. Mold remediation is cheaper when it is found in early on. For complete remediation, it could take up to five days.