Which HVAC Repair in Suffolk County NY for High Velocity Systems

Reasons why you should install a High Velocity HVAC system

Picking the correct HVAC repair in suffolk county ny for this new type is systems is mult-fold. If you would like to live comfortably at home, it is important that you take note of the kind of HVAC system that you install at home. The type of the HVAC system that you install has a big impact on your energy bills and the efficiency of maintaining your home with the right temperature. One of the best HVAC systems is the high-velocity heating and cooling system.

Here are reasons why you should choose it over others.


It has more delivered efficiency from less leakage

Most of the air conditioning systems are measured using ratings such as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (S.E.E.R). However, this rating fails to consider the actual output that comes from the vents. Most of the HVAC systems have a large surface area and therefore high leakage. High velocity systems use just a third of the size of the conventional system thereby less prone to leakage.

No need to alter the home design when installing the HVAC system

Just like many older buildings have simple cesspool systems, they also do not have a centralized heating and cooling system. Since renovations to accommodate a centralized HVAC system would be very expensive, the occupants choose baseboard radiators and the in-window air conditioning systems. The systems are not very efficient and are very loud.

A better choice is to use the HVAC system. The air conditioning service Long Island will use the existing holes on the floors and the walls during installation. With the system, you do not need to redo your wall ductwork to get the system in place.

High velocity HVAC systems are less drafty

Most of the people using the traditional air conditioning unit have to deal with drafts. This is the tendency for the HVAC to push high amounts of air into the room at once. This leads to uneven temperatures across the living rooms or large open spaces. Where you have a house with more than one floor, you experience different temperatures across different rooms.

A High Velocity heating and cooling system uses suction to create a continuous stream of gentle air that circulates across large spaces. This allows the air to be cooled or heated evenly across the room.

HVAC is energy efficient

The conventional HVAC system is rated with a formula where BTUs are divided by watts. He rating system only rates the heating unit but not the distribution system that is attached to the unit. Much of the leakage comes from the ducts and hot attics thereby leading to high-energy consumption. On the other hand, High Velocity systems use smaller ducts (2 inches in diameter as compared to 6 inches for the conventional system) and therefore less energy used to cool a similar space. With the system in place, you can ask the HVAC service Long Island to downsize your condenser and still earn the same benefits of the system.

Small and compact system

The High Velocity AC system is smaller and more compact. It is a perfect solution for homes and offices have limited space for installing their heating and cooling systems. The HVAC repair Long Island engineers also have an easier time repairing the compact system, which means lower charges for the maintenance.